Neopost IJ25 Franking Machine Ink Cartridge Offers, Red or Blue Ink

Neopost IJ25 And Other Cartridge Offers

We've compiled a list of offers on cartridges

We are very happy to announce that you can get some great offers on Neopost IJ25 franking machine ink cartridges over at Npost Franking.

The huge discount lets you buy the cartridge at £39.99, after being reduced from £103.19.

More great news is that they offer the Neopost Autostamp 2 in a five pack at a HUGE discount. 

For more offers check our site or head over to theirs at

Franking Machine Ink

Neopost IJ25 Ink Cartridge for the Neopost IJ25 Franking Machine, Red Or Blue InkNeopost Autostamp 2 IS240  IS280 Ink CartridgeNeopost Autostamp 2 Franking Machine Ink Cartridge For use on the Neopost IS240 IS280 red or blue ink 5 pack