Send Letters And Post From Your Computer, Tablet And Smart Phone

iPostThe Revolutionary Software


Tired of your franking machine? Sick of all those expensive postage, maintenance and cartridge bills?


Then iPost is Perfect For You And Your Business.


Get Rid Of Your Franking Machine

With the new ipost software, users are able to drag and drop their out going documents into the desktop application and send their letters at the click of a mouse.

Thats it!!!

No printing, no enveloping, no franking and no downtime for your business.

This entire process costs just 39p per letter. This amazing low price includes the letter head, the envelope and postage costs.

iPost accepts all file formats and can be used on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone.

Our Flyer explains how the revolutionary mailing software works.

iPost Flyer 4

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