Francotyp Postalia Mymail Ink Cartridge


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Francotyp Postalia Mymail Ink Cartridge

The Francotyp Postalia Mymail franking machine ink cartridge compatible comes in Red or Blue Ink. The equivalent ink cartridge model is the –

 FP 58.0032.0021.00 or FP C6128A.

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This Compatible cartridge fits Francotyp Postalia franking machine models:

-Francotyp Postalia Mymail

Francotyp Postalia Mymail

How to change a Francotyp Postalia My Mail Franking Machine Ink Cartridge

How To Change A Francotyp Postalia MyMail Ink Cartridge

If you are having trouble changing over your old MyMail Cartridge, don’t worry. We have put together this how to guide to help replace the cartridge. We will use some technical names for the cartridge in this but don’t worry they are just names the cartridge that you may have.

  1. Lift up the front operating panel (where the buttons are) till it snaps into position. This should move the old FP 58.0032.0021.00 ink cartridge into place.
  2. Push back the Yellow Bolt and lift up the cartridge lock. This will allow you to remove the old FP C6128A ink cartridge.
  3. Ready your new compatible MyMail ink cartridge, removing the nozzle so that there is a free ink transfer passage.
  4. Insert the ink cartridge vertically from above with a slight tilt into the cartridge holder. The contacts on the ink cartridge must be at the front.
  5. Press down the cartridge lock until it is securely in place. Then hold it and push the yellow bolt forward.
  6. Close the operating panel, the franking machine will then begin installing the cartridge.
  7. Run a test print to make sure that everything is ok. If there are problems please consult the MyMail Manual below.


Francotyp Postalia MyMail Manual PDF

Download the MyMail Manual in PDF format online by clicking the link below.

Click Here To Download The Francotyp Postalia MyMail Manual

If you live in Europe or Denmark you can get a replacement Francotyp Postalia MyMail Ink Cartridge reset from our partner site here – FRANCOTYP POSTALIA MYMAIL BLÆKPATRON KOMPATIBEL

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