Francotyp Postalia T-1000 Ink Cartridge Model S1.0019.5301.00


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Francotyp Postalia T-1000 S1.0019.5301.00 Ink Cartridge

The Francotyp Postalia S1.0019.5301.00 franking machine ink cartridge comes in Red or Blue and is unchipped. There are 3 packs within this.

Cartridges Are Dispatched First Class The Next Working Day

This franking machine Compatible fits Francotyp Postalia models:

Francotyp Postalia T-1000

Francotyp Postalia T-1000

How to change a Francotyp Postalia T1000 Franking Machine Ink Cartridge Ribbon

How To Replace Your Francotyp Postalia T1000 Ink Cartridge Ribbon Cassette

If you need to replace or change your Francotyp Postalia T1000 ribbon cassette and are having trouble doing so. Don’t worry, we have a quick how to guide to help you through the process below.

  1. Press the catch on the front of the franking machine and swing the flap open. This will open up the front flap of the ribbon cassette compartment of your Francotyp Postalia T1000.
  2. Take out your old T1000 ink cartridge and ready your new ink ribbon cassette.
  3. Remove the red protective cover from your new T1000 ribbon.
  4. Set the cartridge (ribbon facing down) on the letter tray and slide into the compartment until it stops.
  5. Close the flap and then press the “C” button.

You have now successfully changed the T1000 ribbon cassette on your Francotyp Machine. Please do a test print to make sure everything is ok. If it is not then please download and consult the PDF manual below.


Download The Francotyp Postalia T1000 Franking Machine PDF Manual

If you are having problems with the T1000 Franking Machine or it’s ink cartridges. Please download the Francotyp Postalia T1000 Manual Below. It is in PDF Format.

Click Here To Download The Francotyp Postalia T1000 Franking Machine Manual In PDF

If you live in Europe or Denmark you can get a replacement T-1000 ink cartridge reset from our partner site here – FRANCOTYP POSTALIA S1.0019.5301.00 BLÆKPATRON KOMPATIBEL

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Blue Ink, Red Ink


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