Pitney Bowes 620-1RN Ink Cartridge


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Pitney Bowes 620-1RN Ink Cartridge

The Pitney Bowes 620-1RN Franking Machine ink cartridge comes in Red or Blue Ink and yields on approximately 11,100.

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This ink cartridge works with:

– Pitney Bowes DM400c – Pitney Bowes DM500 – Pitney Bowes DM600

pitney bowes dm400 ink cartridge

How to change your Pitney Bowes DM400c Ink Cartridge

How To Replace A Pitney Bowes DM400c Ink Cartridge

If you are having trouble replacing your Pitney Bowes DM400c ink cartridge, don’t worry. We have put together this easy how to guide to walk you through the process of changing your ink cartridges. If your franking machine is still attached to the machine then remove it for this process.

  1. Press Menu and using the arrows scroll to Maintenance.
  2. Select Printer Maintenance and click Replace Ink Cartridge.
  3. When prompted, open the ink access cover.
  4. Flip open the ink cartridge guard and remove the old DM400c ink reset.
  5. Take your new DM400c cartridge replacement, remove the tape and place it in the franking machine.
  6. Press the guard back into position and click it back safely so that the piece is secure.
  7. Close the lid. The franking machine should automatically recognise the new cartridge and install it.
  8. Congratulations, you have successfully changed your pitney bowes cartridge. You may want to run a test print. If you still have problems please read the 400c Pitney Bowes PDF Manual Below.


How To Replace A Pitney Bowes DM500 Ink Cartridge
  1. Lift up the main cover and look for the DM500 cartridge lid.
  2. Lift up the tab and press it towards the back of the franking machine. This should allow you to remove the DM500 out of ink old cartridge.
  3. Insert your replacement DM500 cartridge reset and push the lid down until it is locked in place.
  4. Close the main cover and wait a few moments.
  5. You may want to run a test print to make sure that the cartridge has installed properly and is printing at a good quality. If you are having more problems and need trouble shooting tips please download the manual below.

Pitney Bowes DM400c Operating Manual

Click Here To Download The DM400c User Manual - PDF Format

Pitney Bowes DM500 Manual

Click Here To Download The DM500 And DM550 User Manual


If you live in Denmark or the UK you can buy a Pitney Bowes DM400 Ink Cartridge replacement at our partner site here – PITNEY BOWES 620-1RN BLÆKPATRON KOMPATIBEL

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Ink Colour

Blue Ink, Red Ink


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